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Bamboo Flooring Newcastle NSW

Making the decision to upgrade to hardwood floors is easy, but choosing the right wood finish and species can be a little more difficult. While you’re considering the hardness level of oak and looking at the wonderful wood grain in maple, stop and take a closer look at bamboo flooring. There are many benefits to adding this beautiful flooring to your home or business.

It’s Eco-Friendly

You may find it hard to believe that a wood product is environmentally friendly, but this is the case with bamboo. It grows extremely fast and can be harvested frequently. This plant can add 24 inches of height in a single day, and some species can grow almost 48 inches every day. This allows it to reach full height and thickness in only three to four months. It also produces a high yield, so there’s no concern about it running out. If you’re looking for green building materials, bamboo should be at the top of your list.

A Unique Look

Bamboo flooring has a unique look and grain that adds visual interest to any space. The knots and deeper grains found in bamboo are part of the appeal. Small rooms benefit greatly from the light shade as it makes spaces look larger and more welcoming. Light also reflects nicely off the wood to make any space brighter and more attractive.

Low Emissions for Better Health

Some wood floors are finished with VOC stains and coatings. Over time, the VOCs are released into the air and can bring down the air quality within your home. Bamboo floors have low emissions so that you can make your family a little safer.

Ease of Installation

You may be looking for a harder wood species, but it’s important to remember that the flooring will become harder to work with as it moves up on the Janka scale. Bamboo floors are more than hard enough to withstand the activities of a busy family. They will last for many years, but bamboo is actually also easier to cut and install than other wood species. There are many pre-finished styles available for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect finish for your home.

Cost-Effective Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is readily available and renewable, so it carries a lower cost than other species. It’s very durable, but you won’t pay a premium price to have it grace your home. This makes it an affordable option that fits most budgets. Bamboo does come in different quality levels, and you may choose to pay more for a premium product, but even the low-end options are very durable and attractive.

The Versatile Choice – Bamboo Flooring

This wood species is known for its versatility. The light colors are appropriate with both traditional and contemporary decors, and you can put almost any furniture with it. Use it in the bedroom to brighten the space, or install it in the front entrance to greet your guests.

The Stability of Bamboo Floors

One of the downfalls of regular wood floors is that they’re sensitive to temperature and moisture changes. Bamboo is more stable and resistant to these shifts, so it can be used almost anywhere. It has a little flex to it, so you can use bamboo on floors where tile or natural stones might crack. The extra resistance to moisture makes it a good choice for kitchens or bathrooms where the humidity levels tend to be higher.

The Excellent Durability of Bamboo Floating Floors

Bamboo can handle high-traffic areas, and it can also withstand the occasional spill. This allows you to install it in your dining room with confidence, or you can use it in a playroom. As with any other wood floor, you can give it an extra layer of protection by using felt pads under furniture and keeping area rugs at the entrances to capture dirt.

Bamboo Floors Newcastle NSW by Lakeside Flooring

Before you set your heart on traditional oak or exotic Tigerwood, take a closer look at bamboo flooring. This material is growing fast in popularity because it offers so many benefits at an attractive price. It’s appropriate for any area of the home, including basements and bathrooms. It’s visually appealing, and you’ll never grow tired of the unique swirls, knots and grain patterns found in this material.

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