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Timber Flooring Newcastle NSW

Timber Flooring To Enhance Your Home

You invested huge amounts of finances towards your modern house or unit, thereby raising your profile in society. Now it is time for you to ensure that the interior not just meets but exceeds your expectations. You can achieve this by the installation of timber flooring. Timber floors are an effective and attractive way of redecoration of your interior living spaces. Timber actually matches well with that expensive furniture in your house, thus completing the much needed home décor. We can even install timber floors on concrete surfaces with ease.

Choose a Reputable Timber Flooring Newcastle, NSW Installer –

Timber flooring, in most cases, comes in the last stage of home decoration. You have the option of completing this flooring yourself or, better still, by engaging the services of a reputable expert who will fix the floor for you at a friendly fee. The decision of whether or not this type of flooring needs to be done in all the rooms is entirely yours.

Why choose Timber Flooring?

Timber is available naturally and it automatically adds beauty to your home. Similarly, it shows your resolve towards using eco-friendly and natural materials, a situation that may trigger an instant urge in you and your visitors to be ambassadors of the natural. Apart from that, timber is durable; hence you get real value for money.

Save Costs While Enhancing the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

The costs of maintaining this floor are quite low compared to other materials. This can be attributed to the fact that it is quite easy to clean it. You don’t need those complex vacuum cleaners that come at an extra cost in terms of their purchasing and power consumption. All you need is a simple hard broom that you can use to scrub the surface to remove any ugly dirt.

Timber has a natural quality that makes it comfortable to walk on while barefooted. This is very good for relaxation, especially during the summer afternoons when you need to watch your favorite movie in the living room.

Factors You Consider Before Installing a Timber Floor

It is important for you to consider the moisture content of the timber floor to be installed. The appropriate content should be about 9 to 14 percent to ensure that it is not damaged once it is installed.

When installing, it is highly recommended that you make of water based adhesives. Polyurethane should be avoided at all costs because it is known to cause the timber edges to bond permanently hence disfiguring the required shape. You should be prepared for some creaking sounds as this happens especially when you walk on the timber surface that has stayed for long without being used.

Types of Timber Floors

The type of timber floor chosen depends greatly on your individual taste. In most cases, the timber used is natural except that there are some cases when it can be mixed with other materials according to your specifications.

Bamboo is among the most commonly used flooring materials. It takes a relatively short time to mature, hence its preference. You can choose to apply an attractive finishing on the bamboo made floor by using shiny varnishes.
Laminate flooring makes your house comfortable because it consists of several layers to prevent moisture from penetrating.
Parquety comes in beautiful colours and has a tender texture. Its installation is highly associated with sophistication.

How Timber Flooring is Installed

Depending on your preferred timber, we will select the most appropriate means of installation for that type. Hardwood timber floors are best installed by using our hardwood floor nailer that makes the entire flooring process a fairly fast process. This makes it possible for us to carry out your flooring installation work, even on large areas, within a single day. The completed work is firm and cannot easily be removed; it is known to have a long life span.

Timber Flooring and Floating Floors

You can also opt for floating floors as a way of enhancing the aesthetic value of your home. Basically, these floors involve installing your timber floor while ensuring that there is a gap between the floor and the timber itself. This method is most suitable for areas such as the master bedroom that do not have a high foot traffic.

If you are looking for timber flooring Newcastle NSW and you ask our clients, they will all agree that choosing Lakeside Flooring as their installer has enabled them to save on the maintenance costs that would have arisen from damaged concrete floors, and at the same time realise the aesthetics look and qualities they have always dreamed of.

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